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Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 5 Walkthrough

The final act will take you to Harrogath, which is a town that is run by Barbarians at Mount Arreat. You’ll come across six quests and explore a few extensive locations while progressing. Focus on building your key stats depending upon your build and keep your resistances maintained. Once you’re ready, speak to the NPC named Larzuk or simply head out to start the first quest.

Siege of Harrogath (Quest #1)


In this quest, you need to seek out Shenk the Overseer, who is past the town gates. You need to fight several hordes until you reach him as it’s pretty straightforward. Just watch out for the steps that lead to the Frigid Highlands because some players end up running past him, for diablo 2 act 5 quests.

Once you enter, you’ll be against new versions of monsters. You’ll come across Enslaved, Lashers, Demon Imps, and Death Maulers. Once you fight your way to reach Shenk, you’ll be surrounded by a horde of Enslaved who are turned into exploding enemies that blow up. Once the boss is dealt with, head back and speak to Lazruk to obtain the ability to add sockets to an un-socketed Diablo 2 item. You can either do it right away or wait for a better item in your possession.

Rescue on Mount Arreat (Quest #2)


Once you’re at the Frigid Highlands, your Quest Log interface will pop up, asking you to speak with Qual-Kehk. He is located in the middle of Harrogath, and he’ll ask you to free fifteen barbarian soldiers in the highlands. Roam around the area looking for wooden prisons holding five soldiers, and then break down the door to release them, for d2r act 5 quests.

The area is heavily guarded by Demon Imps. Crush Beasts, and three different mini-bosses. Once the quest is over, speak to Qual-Kehk and he’ll give you Tal, Ral, and Ort Runes, as well as allow you to hire Barbarian mercenaries for d2r act 5 quests. You can combine the three runes to create the Ancient’s Pledge Runeword, but only if you have a 3-socket shield.

Prison of Ice (Quest #3)


The quest can be taken from the NPC named Malah. You need to head past the Frigid Highlands, followed by the Arreat Plateau, and walk to the Crystalline Passage, for diablo 2 act 5 quests. Within the dungeon, you’ll come across the entrance that leads to the Frozen River, where you have to rescue the town alchemist called Anya.

You’ll need to go through a winding maze of a dungeon before you can find Anya at the end of it. You’ll likely encounter Abominable, Frozen Horrors, Stygian Harlots, and Moon Lord long the path. Down in the Frozen River, you’ll come across newer versions of monsters that can self-resurrect and stun you. At the end of the maze, locate Anya, who is trapped and guarded by Frozenstein. Take him down, interact with her, and then head back to town to get an elixir from Malah. Go back to Anya again, get her out of the prison, and then speak to Malah again to enhance your resistance by 10%. You can now speak to Anya to obtain rare class-specific items.

Betrayal of Harrogath (Quest #4)


Speak to Anya and she’ll ask you to take down Nihlathak in his temple. She’ll open a portal for you that leads to his realm, and you’ll need to fight several monsters at the entrance; however, you can choose to run past them. After that, continue ahead until you reach the entrance to the Halls of Pain, and then do the same to reach the Halls of Vaught, for D2R quests.

Upon entering, you need to look for a particular wall tile that looks like a pair of red eyes. The area is cross-shaped and Nihlathak will spawn at the end of the room. Try to put your entire focus on him rather than dealing with his minions so that he doesn’t use their dead corpses against you for D2R quests. Direct your summons and mercenary on the boss itself. Once he’s defeated, go back to Anya, and she’ll now be able to personalize an item for you.

Rite of Passage (Quest #5)


It’s time to provide whether you’re worthy to fight Baal or not. So, take the Crystalline Passage waypoint and exit from the Glacial Trail. Continue to the Frozen Tundra and walk through the battlefield until you reach the Ancient’s Way, followed by the Summit.

At the top of the Summit, you’ll be tasked to defeat three ancient beings with special abilities. Split one from the other two and try to bring them down one by one. Target Korlic first, followed by Madawc or Talic, and if you’re having trouble separating them, you can consider stun or cold attacks. Once you’ve taken them down, the door to Worldstone Keep will open.

Eve of Destruction (Quest #6)


The final showdown is against Baal himself. You’ll have to fight your way through giant hordes and pass four levels of the Worldstone Keep. The final level of the dungeon is the Throne of Destruction, where you can run past the mobs and directly rush the boss. When you’re there, enter his chamber and clear out the enemies.

He’ll summon five different waves of mini-bosses, alongside various dreadful minions that you’ve encountered in the previous acts. The first one is a horde of Fallen Ones and their Shaman named Calenzo the Annihilator. The second one is a horde of Skeletal Mages and Unravellers that is led by Achemel the Cursed.

In the third wave, you’ll encounter Council Members summoned by Bartuc the Bloody, followed by Venom Lords and Ventar the Unholy in the fourth wave. Finally, you’ll have to face Lister the Tormentor, alongside his minions, who are known to be tough as they can stun and quickly kill you. Once the waves are over, Baal will go through the portal behind him.

You need to follow him to trigger the battle. Watch out for abilities like Hoarfrost, Incineration Nova, and Mana Rift. He’ll also teleport around the room while duplicating himself, you can identify the fake Baal by noticing both their names. The fake one has ‘B’ in his name and the ‘D’ is perfectly aligned, while the real one’s ‘D’ is slightly off-center. Once he’s down, pick the loot, speak to Tyrael, and finally enter through the portal to finish the game.

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