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TBC DPS Rankings: WPW TBC Tier List Ranking

In the world of TBC Classic, where the battle for dominance is fierce, knowing where your class and specialization stand in the grand scheme of things is essential. That’s where the TBC DPS Rankings: WPW TBC Tier List Ranking comes in.

This article serves as a helpful guide, providing a comprehensive summary of the current PvE DPS rankings for Phase 5. With classes and specializations neatly categorized into tiers, it becomes easier to understand which ones reign supreme. From the mighty S-Tier contenders like Beast Mastery Hunters, Destruction Warlocks, Demonology Warlocks, and Arcane Mages to the formidable A-Tier contenders such as Fury Warriors, Combat Rogues, Survival Hunters, and Fire Mages, each tier showcases the best of the best.

But it doesn’t stop there; the article details the reasoning behind these rankings, the importance of balancing Druids, and the role that gear and weapons play in the performance of specific classes and specializations. So, grab a seat, buckle up, and prepare for an enlightening journey through TBC DPS rankings.

TBC DPS Tier List


S Tier ClassS Tier Specialization
Shadow PriestShadow
HunterBeast Mastery

Beast Mastery Hunter

The Beast Mastery Hunter is widely regarded as one of the top DPS specializations in TBC Classic. With their ability to tame and control exotic pets, Beast Mastery Hunters excel in both solo and group content. Their high damage output, combined with their pets’ utility and versatility, make them a force to be reckoned with in raids and other PvE encounters. Whether it’s dealing devastating ranged damage with their bows or unleashing their pets for melee attacks, Beast Mastery Hunters have earned their place in the S-Tier.

Destruction Warlock

Warlocks are masters of the dark arts, and Destruction Warlocks are no exception. With their affinity for fire and shadow magic, Destruction Warlocks bring immense burst damage to the table. Their ability to rain down chaotic fireballs and chaos bolts on their enemies makes them a formidable DPS class in TBC Classic.

Additionally, Warlocks possess powerful utility spells such as summoning Healthstones and providing powerful curses to aid their group. Destruction Warlocks are a force to be reckoned with, earning them a spot in the S-Tier.

Demonology Warlock

Another Warlock specialization that has secured a spot in the S-Tier is Demonology. As masters of demon summoning and manipulation, Demonology Warlocks have a unique edge in raids. Their demon pets provide additional DPS and utility, giving them excellent sustain and survivability.

Furthermore, Demonology Warlocks can unleash devastating AoE damage, making them invaluable in situations where crowd control is essential. Their versatility and power in both single-target and multi-target encounters make Demonology Warlocks a key component of any raid composition.

Arcane Mage

Mages are renowned for their spellcasting abilities, but Arcane Mages take it to the next level. With their deep understanding and harnessing of the Arcane arts, Arcane Mages are capable of dealing massive amounts of burst damage. Their ability to quickly stack Arcane Charges and unleash Arcane Barrages can decimate enemies within seconds.

Additionally, Arcane Mages possess potent utility spells, such as their ability to provide intellect buffs to their group. Their raw damage potential and utility earn them a well-deserved spot in the S-Tier.


A Tier ClassA Tier Specialization
WarriorRetribution Paladin

Fury Warrior

Warriors have always been a staple in the realm of DPS, and Fury Warriors are no exception. Armed with dual weapons, Fury Warriors specialize in dealing fast and furious melee damage. Their ability to generate rage quickly allows them to unleash devastating abilities, such as Bloodthirst and Rampage. Fury Warriors excel in sustained DPS and can dish out incredible damage over extended encounters. Their reliability and high skill ceiling make them a strong contender in the A-Tier.

Combat Rogue

Rogues are masters of stealth and precision, and Combat Rogues showcase these attributes exceptionally well. Armed with dual weapons and a variety of powerful combo point-generating abilities, Combat Rogues excel in sustained melee DPS. Their access to powerful finishing moves, such as Eviscerate and Slice and Dice, allows them to maintain high damage output for extended periods.

Additionally, Rogues possess potent utility spells such as utility poisons and crowd control abilities. The Combat Rogue’s reliable damage and utility earn them a well-deserved place in the A-Tier.

Survival Hunter

While Beast Mastery Hunters claim the top spot in the DPS rankings, Survival Hunters are not far behind. Survival Hunters specialize in dealing ranged damage while maintaining strong survival capabilities. With their access to powerful traps, stings, and a wide array of shot abilities, Survival Hunters can dish out substantial damage while kiting enemies and providing valuable utility to their group.

Whether it’s explosive shots or aimed shots, Survival Hunters are a force to be reckoned with in PvE encounters, earning them a spot in the A-Tier.

Fire Mage

The second Mage specialization to make it to the A-Tier is Fire Mage. As specialists in wielding fire magic, Fire Mages bring immense burst damage to the table. Their ability to cast powerful fireballs, ignite targets, and spread damage with flamestrike makes them a highly desirable DPS class in raids.

Additionally, Fire Mages possess powerful control spells such as polymorph and spell steal, adding to their versatility. The Fire Mage’s ability to dish out massive damage in short bursts secures their spot in the A-Tier.


B Tier ClassB Tier Specialization

Enhancement Shaman

Shamans are known for their versatility, and Enhancement Shamans embody this notion well. Armed with their trusty weapon imbues and totems, Enhancement Shamans excel in melee combat. While they may not match the raw damage output of other classes, their ability to provide powerful buffs and heals to their group makes them a valuable asset in raids.

Enhancement Shamans have access to potent burst damage abilities, such as Stormstrike and Lava Lash, which can make a significant impact in short windows. While they may not reach the heights of the S or A Tier, Enhancement Shamans bring a unique set of skills and support to the table, earning them a spot in the B-Tier.

Elemental Shaman

The second Shaman specialization to make it to the list is Elemental Shaman. While Elemental Shamans don’t excel in sustained DPS, they bring a set of unique strengths to the table. With their mastery of lightning and thunder, Elemental Shamans can dish out powerful bursts of AoE damage. Their chain lightning and Thunderstorm abilities make them valuable in situations where crowd control and area damage are paramount.

Elemental Shamans are capable of providing powerful buffs and support spells to their group, increasing their overall desirability. While they may not be the top DPS choice, their versatility and utility earn them a place in the B-Tier.

Arms Warrior

Warriors are known for their melee prowess, and Arms Warriors embrace this identity wholeheartedly. With their two-handed weapons, Arms Warriors can deliver devastating blows to their enemies. Their ability to capitalize on overpower and execute abilities allows them to deal significant damage during windows of opportunity.

Arms Warriors bring a level of control and utility to the table with their powerful shouts and stun abilities. While they may not possess the sustained DPS of some other classes, Arms Warriors compensate with bursts of high damage and invaluable utility, placing them in the B-Tier.

Retribution Paladin

Paladins are often associated with their tanking and healing capabilities, but Retribution Paladins bring the pain in TBC Classic. With their holy-infused two-handed weapons, Retribution Paladins can unleash powerful melee attacks. Their ability to generate holy power and utilize abilities like Templar’s Verdict and Crusader Strike allows them to dish out bursts of high damage.

Retribution Paladins possess potent utility spells, such as Blessing of Kings and Lay on Hands, making them valuable assets in raids. While their DPS may not contend with the top tiers, Retribution Paladins make up for it with their versatility and support capabilities.

Summary of DPS Rankings

Overview of current Phase 5 PvE DPS rankings

In Phase 5 of TBC Classic, several classes and specializations stand out as top contenders in terms of DPS rankings. The S-Tier includes Beast Mastery Hunter, Destruction Warlock, Demonology Warlock, and Arcane Mage. These specializations have proven their effectiveness in dealing damage and bringing significant utility to raids and other PvE encounters.

Following closely behind in the A-Tier are Fury Warrior, Combat Rogue, Survival Hunter, and Fire Mage. While not reaching the same level as the S-Tier, these classes still pack a punch and provide valuable contributions to any raid composition. The B-Tier consists of Enhancement Shaman, Elemental Shaman, Arms Warrior, and Retribution Paladin.

While these specializations may not possess the same raw damage output as the higher tiers, they excel in other areas such as support, utility, and burst damage.