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New World Dungeons Guide Lists And locations

Explore the depths of Windsward, Monarch’s Bluff, Restless Shore, First Light, and Ebonscale Reach to uncover the challenging dungeons of Starstone Barrows, Amrine Excavation, Depths of Limbo, Garden of Genesis, and Lazarus Instrumentality. Form a group, level up, and embark on thrilling adventures in these epic New World dungeons.

In the following guide, we will be talking about the dungeons in New World and how you can locate them.

Starting Off

Before you start with your first dungeon experience, you will need to complete the main storyline until you start ‘Destiny Unearthed.’ This quest will give you access to the Amrine Excavation, which can be ventured into with a group of friends or other players for new world dungeon. It’s worth noting that you need to have at least three players in the group before you enter. Besides that, one of the players needs to have a Tuning Orb to activate the dungeon.

Here is a list of dungeons in New World along with their locations:

Dungeon NameRecommended Level RangeLocation
Starstone Barrows25-35Windsward
Amrine Excavation25-35Monarch’s Bluff
Depths35-45Restless Shore
Garden of Genesis45-55First Light
Lazarus Instrumentality55+Ebonscale Reach

Starstone Barrows

  • Recommended Level Range: 25-35
  • Location: Windsward
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: In Starstone Barrows, players will venture through an ancient burial site of the Ayleid, an ancient tribe of Elves, and battle several guardians and undead minions.
  • Bosses:
    • Magistrate Quazim
    • Thorpe
    • Alastor the Vigilant
    • Sprigthawk
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Sealed Urn
    • Corrupted Sprigstaff
    • Broken Azoth Staff
    • Ingots of Azoth

Shortly after the Amrine Excavation adventure, you’ll be introduced to the Starstone Barrows. To successfully activate and enter the dungeon, your group will need a Starstone Orb. The area is located north of the Amrine Excavation, which is at the Shattered Obelisk. The activities in the dungeon aren’t as complicated as the Amrine Excavation, as you need to instant kill to clear the obstacles within for new world depths.

Amrine Excavation

  • Recommended Level Range: 25-35
  • Location: Monarch’s Bluff, Windsward region
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: Amrine Excavation is a dungeon located in the Monarch’s Bluff region of New World. Players will explore an ancient Amrine Empire excavation site and face several guardians and monsters.
  • Bosses:
    • Warden Silva
    • Ancient Guardian
    • Excavator Thorpe
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Ancient Amber
    • Sealed Urn
    • Corrupted Sprigstaff
new world dungeon guide amrine excavation

The first dungeon that is discovered during the Destiny Unearthed quest is the Amrine Excavation. To enter the area one of your team members or yourself needs to activate the dungeon with the help of a Tuning Orb for new world depths. The expedition is located near the Amrine Temple, which is south of Everfall. It has various mobs, bosses, and puzzles that need to be completed to progress ahead.

The Depths

  • Recommended Level Range: 45 and above
  • Location: Restless Shores region
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: The Depths are the ruins of an ancient city that sank beneath the waves during the Cataclysm. The dungeon is filled with watery tunnels, flooded rooms, and underwater combat.
  • Bosses:
    • Guardian of the Depths
    • Corrupted Warden Hesperos
    • Akasha, the Hive Queen
    • Toxitender
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Sealed Urn
    • Corrupted Sprigstaff
    • Broken Azoth Staff

Located near Eridanus, just northeast of the Restless Shore is the expedition called The Depths. One of your group members or yourself needs to have a Depths Turning Orb to activate and enter the area. Within the dungeon, you’ll come across fearless and dreadful enemies, alongside puzzles that need to be solved to progress through the ruins for new world bosses.

Lazarus Instrumentality

  • Recommended Level Range: 60
  • Location: Reekwater region
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: Lazarus Instrumentality is a dungeon found in the Reekwater region, filled with ancient technology and experiments gone wrong. Players will encounter corrupted enemies and powerful bosses.
  • Bosses:
    • Celestial Blights
    • Withered Tendril
    • The Plague Tree
    • The Unyielding Chaos
    • Valeria Thicket
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Cinema Cell Key
    • Advanced Rune of Holding
    • Elevated Rune of Holding

Also known as the first maximum-level dungeon players encounter in the New World, Lazarus Instrumentality can be found north of the Reekwater, near the Eternal Pool. You’ll need a Lazarus Tuning Orb to activate and enter the expedition, where you’ll come across several puzzles to solve and dreadful bosses to defeat.

The Garden of Genesis

  • Recommended Level Range: 60+
  • Location: Eden Grove region
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: The Garden of Genesis is a sacred and mysterious place where powerful forces of nature intertwine. Players will navigate lush forests, encounter ancient guardians, and uncover the secrets of the garden.
  • Bosses:
    • Mooncaster Fara
    • Myrkheart, the Guardian of the Grove
    • Vinewood, the Arboreal Monarch
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Ancient Sap
    • Living Root
    • Nature’s Heartwood

Similar to Lazarus Instrumentality, The Garden of Genesis is the second maximum-level dungeon you’ll encounter in the New World. It is located west of Last Stand, within Edengrove. You or one of your party members must have a Genesis Tuning Orb to enter the dungeon. It’s also quite similar to Lazarus Expedition, as you’ll need to solve puzzles and defeat bosses until the end.

Bonus – Dynasty Shipyard

  • Recommended Level Range: 38-48
  • Location: Cutlass Keys region
  • Type of Dungeon: 5-player Expedition
  • Lore of the Dungeon: The Dynasty Shipyard is a sprawling complex of shipwrights, foundries, and warehouses, where the Ancient Guardians built their mighty fleets. Players will explore the maze-like structure, seek out its secrets, and battle fierce naval threats.
  • Bosses:
    • Broodmother Kivik
    • Captain Thorpe
    • Foreman Thorpe
    • The Overseer
  • Key Item Drops:
    • Stranglevine
    • Ancient Binding
    • Corrupted Pearl

Dynasty Shipyard is located northwest of Monarch’s Bluffs, near the Imperial Palace. You’ll need a Dynasty Shipyard Tuning Orb to activate and enter the expedition. While you explore the dungeon, you’ll face off against several mini-bosses and powerful bosses for new world bosses. It might be a little tricky for you at first, but once you get the hang of it with your crew, the journey will be smoother.