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OSRS Melee Gear Progression Guide Overhaul: Upgrading Your Arsenal

Welcome to the world of Old School RuneScape! In this guide, we will embark on a journey through the vast realms of Gielinor, uncovering the secrets behind the progression of gears. From humble beginnings to becoming a true legend, we will explore the evolution of gear as you hone your skills and rise through the ranks.

But be warned, adventurer, for the path to greatness is not without risks. Your success in battle will depend not only on your skill with magic, melee, or range but also on the gear you choose to don. A well-crafted combination of weapons, armor, and accessories can mean the difference between triumph and defeat.

So, join us as we uncover the secrets of the gear progression in Old School RuneScape. From the humblest of beginnings to the mightiest of armaments, we will equip you with the knowledge and understanding to ascend to greatness. Are you ready to forge your path, clad in the finest armor and wielding the deadliest weapons? The adventure awaits!

Melee Gear Progression


Attack, Strength, and Defense are the three components that make up Melee. The sequence in which you train these talents is up to you, however you should prioritize Strength if you want to be effective in the endgame. Training all three melee attributes might take longer than training range or magic, but it’s worth it for end-game stuff.

A rough roadmap for upgrading your melee training gear is as follows:

Gear SlotAttack, Strength, and Defense LevelsGear Name & Type
Head45/55/55Berserker Helm (45 Strength Requirement)
Helm of Neitiznot (55 Defense Requirement)
Neck75Amulet of Fury (75 Crafting Requirement)
Amulet of Torture (75 Slayer Requirement)
Cape50/47Fire Cape (50 Strength and Ranged Requirement)
Ardougne Cape 4 (47 Ranged Requirement)
Body40Fighter Torso (40 Defense Requirement and Barbarian Assault Minigame)
65Bandos Chestplate (65 Defense Requirement)
Legs60Obsidian Gears (60 Attack and Defense Requirement)
65Bandos Tassets (65 Defense Requirement)
Weapon70Abyssal Whip (70 Attack Requirement)
75Abyssal Tentacle (75 Attack Requirement)
Shield60Dragon Defender (60 Defense Requirement)
75Dragonfire Shield (75 Defense Requirement)
70Crystal Shield (70 Defense Requirement and The Gauntlet minigame)
Gloves40Barrows Gloves (Completion of Recipe for Disaster sub-quest)
80Ferocious Gloves (Completion of The Forthos dungeon minigame)
Boots75Primordial Boots (75 Defense Requirement)
Ring75Berserker Ring (i) (75 Combat Requirement)

Range Gear Progression


Range is a skill with an easier linear progression when accuracy and max hits rise within a given skill. High-quality gear usually necessitates a certain defensive level, which may be improved through long-range or melee training. Aside from a select few pieces of gear, a pure can continue using only one defense and use almost all of it.

Here’s a rough outline of the best way to enhance your range training gear:

Training LevelSkill ValueRange Gear
1-20LowLeather Cowl, Leather Body, Leather Chaps, Leather Vambraces, Shortbow, Bronze Arrows
20-30Low-MediumStudded Leather Coif, Studded Leather Body, Studded Leather Chaps, Studded Leather Vambraces, Oak Shortbow, Iron Arrows
30-40MediumCoif of the Wyvern, Green Dragonhide Body, Green Dragonhide Chaps, Green Dragonhide Vambraces, Willow Shortbow, Steel Arrows
40-50Medium-HighCoif of the Archer, Blue Dragonhide Body, Blue Dragonhide Chaps, Blue Dragonhide Vambraces, Maple Shortbow, Mithril Arrows
50-60HighRanger Hat, Red Dragonhide Body, Red Dragonhide Chaps, Red Dragonhide Vambraces, Yew Shortbow, Adamant Arrows
60-70High-EliteRobin Hood Hat, Black Dragonhide Body, Black Dragonhide Chaps, Black Dragonhide Vambraces, Magic Shortbow, Rune Arrows
70-80EliteArmadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chestplate, Armadyl Chainskirt, Barrows Gloves, Toxic Blowpipe, Dragon Arrows
80+Elite-MasterTwisted Bow, Ancestral Robe Top, Ancestral Robe Bottom, Pegasian Boots, Amethyst Arrows

Magic Gear Progression


Magic is special since most gear only increases accuracy rather than max damage. As a result, unless the adversary has exceptionally good defense, players may choose hybrid defensive gear above magic bonus in most PvM or PvP setups.

Here is a rough guideline on how to best enhance your magic-training gear:

Training LevelSkill ValueMagic Gear
1-20LowStaff of Air, Wizard Robes, Mind Runes
20-40Low-MediumStaff of Earth, Blue Wizard Robes, Chaos Runes, Fire Blast
40-50MediumStaff of Water, Splitbark Armor, Death Runes, Slayer Dart
50-60Medium-HighStaff of Fire, Mystic Robes, Blood Runes, Iban Blast
60-70HighGod Staves (Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak), Ahrim’s Robes, Ancient Magicks
70-80High-EliteMaster Wand, Infinity Robes, Smoke Battlestaff, Trident of the Seas, Trident of the Swamp
80-90EliteKodai Wand, Ancestral Robes, Occult Necklace, Sang Staff
90+Elite-MasterTwisted Bow, Ancestral Robe Top, Ancestral Robe Bottom, Arcane Spirit Shield, Kodai Insignia, Elder Wand