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Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Guide

In this friendly and informative article, you will explore the captivating world of “Darkness of Hallowvale” in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Embark on an exciting journey as you navigate through the mysterious darkness that shrouds Hallowvale, encountering various challenges and quests along the way.

Delve into the depths of this intriguing adventure, uncovering hidden secrets and gaining invaluable insight into the darkness that lurks within. Join us as we guide you through the darkness of Hallowvale in OSRS, ensuring an unforgettable and thrilling experience awaits you!


Welcome to the comprehensive guide for the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! In this article, we will walk you through all the requirements, recommended items, and steps to complete the quest successfully. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide covers you. So, grab your gear and prepare to embark on an exciting adventure!


  • Completion of the Priest in Peril and In Aid of the Myreque quests
  • Level 5 Construction
  • Level 20 Mining
  • Level 22 Thieving
  • Level 26 Agility
  • Level 32 Crafting
  • Level 33 Magic
  • Level 40 Strength
  • Level 47 Prayer

Before starting the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, you must meet a few requirements. Firstly, you must have completed the “In Aid of the Myreque” quest. Additionally, you should have a combat level of at least 40 and the ability to defeat level 86 enemies.

It is also highly recommended to have a decent level of Agility, Thieving, and Crafting skills to make your journey smoother. If you meet these requirements, you’re all set to begin!

Recommended items

To increase your chances of success and make your questing experience more enjoyable, we highly recommend bringing along the following items:

  1. A combat-focused gear setup, including armor, weapons, and ammunition, suits your combat level.
  2. Food and potions to heal yourself during combat.
  3. A lockpick to access certain areas.
  4. Teleportation items include a Drakan’s Medallion and any Varrock teleportation method.
  5. A light source, such as a Bullseye Lantern or a candle, as some areas are quite dark.
  6. Stamina potions to help with running long distances.
  7. Energy-restoring items, like Super Energy potions or Stamina potions, keep your energy levels up during the quest.

Required items:

  • 2 planks
  • 8 nails
  • A hammer

Recommended items:

  • Food, combat equipment, and potions
  • Enchanted sickle (for obtaining a Vyrewatch’s blood sample)
  • Energy/stamina potions (for improving running and agility levels)
  • Priest gown (to blend in during certain parts of the quest)
  • Iron bar and a bucket of water (for various puzzles)
  • A silver sickle (b) (to cast the bloom spell)
  • Games necklace (for teleporting to Burgh de Rott)
  • Combat Bracelet (for teleporting to the monastery south of Canifis)
  • Armour with high melee and magic defense (for combat encounters)
  • Access to Drakan’s Medallion (to enter Meiyerditch without getting caught)
  • A shortbow or a weapon that can deal ranged damage (for a puzzle in the library)

Starting the quest

To start the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, head to the Myreque Hideout in Burgh de Rott. The fastest way to get there is by using the Drakan’s Medallion teleportation feature by selecting the “Burgh de Rott” option. Once you arrive, make your way to the Myreque Hideout, located in the town’s southwestern corner.

The Myreque Hideout

Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Guide

Getting there

Getting to the Myreque Hideout can be quite challenging, as it is hidden in the dangerous lands of Morytania. To reach the hideout, you must navigate through the swampy area filled with aggressive monsters and treacherous paths. Using the agility shortcut near the south bridge of Mort’ton is advised to save some time and avoid unnecessary combat encounters.

The Basement

Once you enter the Myreque Hideout, you will find yourself in the basement, which serves as the central hub for the quest. Here, you will meet various Myreque members and receive critical information about the mission. Take your time to speak with each character and learn about their roles in the fight against the darkness.

The Laboratories

As you progress through the quest, you will have the opportunity to explore the Laboratories. These areas are crucial for your mission and require solving puzzles, interacting with objects, and gathering essential items. Keep your eyes peeled and use your wits to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

The Temple

The Temple is a significant location in the quest, where you will encounter powerful enemies and engage in intense battles. Be prepared for tough combat situations, and ensure you have enough supplies and equipment to defeat your foes. Don’t forget to utilize your combat skills to their fullest potential and strategize your attacks accordingly.



Meiyerditch is a dark and eerie city controlled by the Vampyres, known as the Sanguinesti region. This is where most of the quest occurs, and it is not a place for the faint-hearted. Meiyerditch is filled with dangerous creatures, intricate obstacles, and secret passages. Your bravery and determination will be tested as you explore this gloomy city.


Within Meiyerditch, you will come across Safenet, a district where the lower-class citizens of the city live. This area starkly contrasts the rest of Meiyerditch, offering a glimpse of hope and humanity despite the surrounding darkness. Take the time to interact with the residents and learn about their struggles and challenges living under the vampyric rule.

Getting around

Navigating Meiyerditch can be challenging due to its complex layout and numerous obstacles. Use agility shortcuts and shortcuts obtained during the quest to navigate the city more efficiently. Pay close attention to your surroundings and locate key landmarks to help guide you through the streets.

Quest-related locations

Throughout the quest, you will visit various locations within Meiyerditch that are essential to completing your objectives. These include the Arboretum, the Sanguinesti Region, and the Arboretum Maze. Each location presents its own unique challenges and rewards, so be prepared for the unexpected as you progress further into the depths of Meiyerditch.

Completing the Quest

Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Guide

Finding the Sanguinesti Region

One of the main objectives of the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest is to locate the Sanguinesti Region. This can be quite tricky, as the vampyres have concealed their location within Meiyerditch. Pay close attention to the clues NPCs give and explore the city diligently. Remember that exploration and problem-solving skills are key to uncovering the entrance to the Sanguinesti Region.

Finding the Arboretum

Another critical objective is to find the Arboretum, a secret garden hidden deep within Meiyerditch. To gain access to the Arboretum, you must solve puzzles, complete tasks, and unlock hidden passages. Be patient and observant, as the Arboretum’s location is not readily apparent. Once you have found it, a whole new set of challenges awaits you.

The Arboretum Maze

Inside the Arboretum, you will encounter a challenging and intricate maze. This maze presents a series of puzzles, obstacles, and enemies you must overcome to progress. Pay close attention to your surroundings, note any patterns or clues, and apply your problem-solving skills to navigate the maze successfully. Don’t let frustration get the better of you, as perseverance is the key to conquering this maze.

The Fight with Ranis Drakan

The final showdown of the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest involves a fierce battle with Ranis Drakan, a powerful and ruthless vampyre. Prepare yourself by ensuring you have the best combat gear, food, and potions available. Utilize any special attacks or abilities you have at your disposal to maximize your chances of success. Stay focused, watch for Drakan’s attacks and patterns, and be ready to adapt your strategy on the fly. Good luck, adventurer!


Experience rewards

Upon completing the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, you will receive experience points in several different skills, including Agility, Crafting, Construction, Mining, and Thieving. These experience rewards will vary depending on your current skill levels and the completion of optional objectives throughout the quest. Take advantage of the experience rewards to level up your skills and progress further in your journey.

Other rewards

Apart from experience points, completing the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest will also grant you various other rewards. These may include new areas to explore, access to new quests, unique items, and the ability to wield the Ivandis flail, a powerful weapon against vampyres. The rewards you receive will greatly aid you in future quests and provide valuable advantages. Appreciate your accomplishments and make the most of the rewards bestowed upon you!

Darkness of Hallowvale OSRS Guide

Tips and Strategies

  • Stock up on food and potions to prepare for combat encounters.
  • Bring a hammer, an iron bar, and a bucket of water for various puzzles.
  • Equip your priest gown during certain parts of the quest to blend in.
  • Use stamina and energy potions to boost your running and agility levels.
  • Save travel expenses by using shortcuts and alternative routes.
  • Read all found notes, diaries, and dialogue to gather important information.
  • Bring an enchanted sickle to obtain a Vyrewatch’s blood sample.
  • Use the hideout’s storage chest to store unnecessary items and save inventory space.
  • Be prepared for combat encounters in the laboratory and blood bank.
  • Use the Old School RuneScape Wiki for more detailed information and quest maps.

Combat tips

During combat encounters throughout the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, it is essential to approach battles strategically. Prioritize your targets wisely, focusing on the most dangerous enemies first. Use defensive abilities, such as Protect from Magic or Protect from Missiles prayers, to reduce damage taken. Keep an eye on your health and use healing items promptly to ensure survival. If facing multiple opponents, try to lure them into a single area to minimize the risk of being overwhelmed.

Quest-specific tips

Read all dialogue carefully while progressing through the quest and examine your surroundings. NPCs often provide valuable hints and clues regarding your objectives and the specific steps you need to take. Keep track of any items or key information mentioned during conversations, as they may prove crucial in solving puzzles or gaining access to hidden areas. Don’t rush through the dialogue – take the time to absorb the details and immerse yourself fully in the quest’s storyline.

Dangerous areas and opponents

Throughout “Darkness of Hallowvale,” there are several dangerous areas and opponents that you need to be cautious of. These include the vampyres, vyrewatch, and other hostile creatures that lurk in Meiyerditch. Be mindful of their attacks and abilities, and adjust your tactics accordingly. If faced with overwhelming odds, consider retreating and regrouping before attempting the challenge again. It’s better to be prepared than to risk unnecessary losses or incapacitation.

Additional Information

Quest continuation

Completing the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest marks a significant milestone in your adventures. However, it also sets the stage for further quests and storylines involving the ongoing conflict against the vampyres of Morytania. Stay engaged with the quest continuation to uncover more secrets, discover new locations, and aid in the battle against the darkness.


Darkmeyer, the Vampyre capital, plays a significant role in the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest. This city serves as the Vampyres’ seat of power and a focal point for future quests and content. Once you have completed the quest, consider exploring Darkmeyer further to fully immerse yourself in the captivating lore and continue your adventures in Morytania.


Safalaan, an essential character in the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, is pivotal in the story of Meiyerditch and the Myreque. Pay close attention to Safalaan’s dialogue and interactions, as his actions and decisions significantly impact the quest’s events. Understand the motives and goals of this charismatic character as you progress through the storyline.

Vanescula Drakan

Vanescula Drakan, the Vampyre ruler of Meiyerditch, is a formidable adversary and a central figure in the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest. Throughout the quest, you will learn more about her influence and role in the vampyric society. Pay close attention to her dialogue and actions, as she represents a formidable force and a potential threat to Morytania.


How long does it take to complete the quest?

The “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest can take several hours to complete, depending on your skill levels and familiarity with the quest mechanics. Be prepared for challenging combat encounters, intricate puzzles, and extensive exploration. Taking time to navigate through Meiyerditch and carefully solve the quest’s challenges is highly recommended for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.

Can I complete the quest without any combat?

While minimizing combat encounters in the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest is possible, sections require you to engage in combat to progress. Having a decent combat level and adequate gear to overcome the challenges is advisable. Additionally, effectively utilizing combat skills will significantly enhance your chances of success throughout the quest.

What happens if I die during the quest?

If you happen to die during the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest, you will respawn outside the area where you died, with all of your items intact. However, you must return to the location of your death to retrieve any lost items. Take caution during combat encounters, and make sure to have ample food and potions to sustain yourself. Utilizing appropriate defensive abilities and thoughtful combat strategies will significantly reduce the risk of death.


Congratulations on completing the “Darkness of Hallowvale” quest! By following this comprehensive guide, you have successfully navigated through the treacherous lands of Meiyerditch, defeated powerful enemies, and uncovered the secrets within. Your determination and strategic thinking have paid off, and you can now enjoy the rewards and new opportunities that await you. Get ready for your next adventure in the captivating world of Old School RuneScape!