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Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 4 Walkthrough

In Act 4, you’ll notice that the town is much smaller than in the previous acts. That’s why it makes it easier to locate the four NPCs required to start Act 4 quests, make repairs, etc.

You only need to complete three quests to face off the Lord of Terror. Focus on investing in your equipment to bring the most out of it while targeting the core stats and resistance-boosting D2R Items. It’s helpful facing Diablo, as he deals immense fire and lightning damage. To survive its attack, it’s best to stick with Desert Mercenaries, as they act as a good distraction when you must regroup for d2r act 4 quests.

Once ready, you can speak with the NPC, Tyrael, to start the first quest.

The Fallen Angel (Quest #1)


The quest is straightforward as you need to kill Izual, who is a fallen angel located in the Plains of Despair. It means that you’ll need to work through the Outer Steppes to reach there. You need to be careful as there are several monsters in this area that can drain mana, launch entrails, and deal immense damage. You’ll come across Doom Mages, Corpulent, Leapers, Oblivion Knights, Venom Lords, and Flesh Spawners.

Stick to the outside edges and look for the exit, unless you’re looking to stay and level up. Quickly make your way to the Plains of Despair to face a tougher horde of monsters. Watch out for Burning Souls, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re sticking to the edges. Finally, look for Izual when your Quest Log interface pops up with a fresh entry, for d2r act 4 quests. The fight is pretty straightforward. Having high cold resistance is a plus point as he uses cold spells. Once he’s down, speak to him, and then head back to speak to Tyrael to obtain two skill points, for the D2R quest guide.

The Hellforge (Quest #2)


Before heading out, speak to the NPC called Deckard Cain to start the quest. You need to go through the Plains of Despair to enter the city of the Damned, for diablo 2 act 4 quests. You need to look for the first waypoint in act 4, as well as the staircase into the River of Flame, which is both next to each other.

Once you’ve located the river, locate the forge to break the Hellstone on. You can head north to find another waypoint, which is before the Chaos Sanctuary (Diablo’s Lair). Within the River of Flame, you’ll find the forge and Hephasto, who is the area’s boss. Clear his minions out before you engage him as his offensive aura can empower them, for diablo 2 act 4 quests. Once Hephasto is defeated, pick the Hell Forge Hammer to drop and click on the forge to put the stone on it. Equip the click and click on the forge again to smash the stone.

Terror’s End (Quest #3)


If you have access to the River of Flame waypoint, quickly jump there, or else head north through the River of Flame to come across the Chaos Sanctuary, for D2R quest guide. Diablo’s lair is shaped like a cross that has three wings that you need to fight (north, east, and west). Each wing consists of one or two seals that need to be interacted with, and these seals spawn mini-bosses, alongside its minions. You need to clear all the five seals to trigger Diablo’s spawn.

The mini-bosses are Grand Vizier of Chaos, The Infector of Souls, and Lord De Seis. They’re quite pale and weak in comparison to Diablo himself. A good suggestion would be to drop a town portal on one of the three wings as Diablo doesn’t come to these locations and it can be used for safety purposes. Once Diablo is dead, grab the loot, and head back to town to speak with Deckard Cain and Tyrael.

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Good luck, adventurer, and may the light guide your path!