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Diablo 2 Resurrected Barbarian Whirlwind Build

The Barbarian Whirlwind Build is the end game build that can get a player through nightmare and hell difficulty levels.

It cuts through your enemy target like they’re nothing while dealing insane output damage in a large AOE. You’ll mostly be focusing on Whirlwind as your main attack, along with the combination of Shout.

The Barbarian Whirlwind Build is intended for nightmare and hell difficulty levels that start around level 40. It’s recommended that you start off with the Frenzy Barbarian Build and then switch to Whirlwind at a later stage. If you’re already doing that, and you want to switch to this build, you can do it by claiming the ‘Den of Evil’ reward from the NPC named Kara (Rogue Encampment). You’ll get 3 re-specs and you’ll need to be on the same difficulty level to claim it.

Stat Distribution


Similar to most builds on the Diablo 2 Resurrected platform, the stat distribution for this build will focus on assigning the attribute points into Strength and Dexterity so that the equipment requirements can be met for D2R whirlwind barbarian. The remaining points will be added into Vitality for additional life points.

You’ll need to assign enough points in Strength to equip your equipment. It will entirely depend upon the gear that you’re using, as well as the additional Strength bonus you’re getting from it. Points in Dexterity will depend upon the type of weapon you’ll be using. The remaining points are going to be added in Vitality, and you don’t need to invest anything in Energy for D2R whirlwind barbarian.

Essential Tips


If you have a Hellfire Touch and an Annihilus; it will greatly reduce your attribute points investment in Strength. Instead, you can utilize these two charms to obtain +10 to 20 points in every attribute and +10 to 20 points in Elemental Resistances. If you have both in your inventory, it’ll save about 20 to 40 stat points, which can then be used for Vitality to increase your health pool for whirlwind barb diablo 2. The passive resistances that the charms offer will allow you to depend less on +All Resistance gear.

However, if you don’t have an Annihilus or a Hellfire Touch already, you need to stop what you’re doing and focus on obtaining them. The perfectly rolled ones are quite costly, but you can always opt for the bad ones at an affordable price, and then upgrade it when you have enough gold for whirlwind barb diablo 2.



Whirlwind makes your character move to the desired point while spinning to deal immense damage to the enemies around. Sword Mastery increases Attack and Damage rating if you’re using sword-type D2R items. Iron Skin enhances defense to make it a lot harder to damage you. Increase Speed adds additional points to your walk or run speed allowing you to defeat the enemies swiftly. Natural Resistance increases Elemental Resistances, which is known to be profoundly useful during combat scenarios. Shout increases defense among the party members to avoid incoming attacks. Battle Command is a battle cry that increases your skills by +1. Battle Orders offers the highest health between characters for each point spent on Vitality.

Weapons, Armor, and Accessories


Lore (Runeword), Demonhorn’s Edge/Halaberd’s Reign, Bloodletter (unique)/Oath (Runeword)/Kingslayer (Runeword), Stealth (Runeword)/Duress (Runeword), Gloves with defensive stats, Belt with Life and Resistances, Boots with Faster Walk or Run Speed, alongside Life and Resistances, Ring with Life, Stats, and Resistances, Amulet with Stats, Health, Resistances or additional Barbarian Skills, and Charms with additional Life, Resistances, Attack Rating, Damage, and Combat Skills for diablo 2 barbarian whirlwind build.

The Immortal King Set is a great choice for this build, but you’ll need to spend a lot of points on Strength to equip it. Also, instead of Sword Mastery, you need to approach Mace Mastery if you’re going for this set for diablo 2 barbarian whirlwind build. Once it’s complete, Stone Crusher will have an insane amount of elemental damage, which is great when combined with Whirlwind.

Max Level Equipment

  • Arreat’s Face (Unique)
  • 2x Grief (Runeword)
  • 2x Heart of the Oak (Runeword)
  • Enigma (Runeword)/Fortitude (Runeword)
  • Laying of Hands (Unique)
  • String of Ears (Unique)
  • Gore Rider (Unique)
  • 1x Dual Leech Ring (Rare)/1x Raven Frost (Unique)
  • Highlord’s Wrath (Unique)/Mara’s Kaleidoscope (Unique).