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Item Rarity Explained in Diablo II: Resurrected

One of the crucial aspects of Diablo II: Resurrected is item rarity, which determines the quality and effectiveness of gear players can obtain throughout the game. Understanding item rarity is essential to optimizing gameplay, as different rarities provide unique bonuses and advantages. Knowing how to identify and use each item rarity level can significantly impact a player’s ability to succeed in the game’s challenging levels and battles.

As such, learning about item rarity and its effects on gameplay is essential for any player looking to explore and conquer the world of Diablo II: Resurrected.

The Five Levels of Item Rarity

  1. Normal
  2. Magic
  3. Rare
  4. Set
  5. Unique
d2r item rarity colors

Normal – White/Grey

  • Characteristics of Normal Quality Items: Normal quality items in Diablo II: Resurrected are the most basic form of gear that players can find. They have a simple design and lack any magical properties. However, Normal items often have innate attributes such as defense for armor or damage for weapons. These attributes determine their baseline effectiveness in combat.
  • Limitations and Features of Normal Gear: Normal gear has its limitations compared to higher rarities. These items do not possess any magical bonuses or unique effects, making them less powerful compared to Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique gear. They are the most common and easily obtainable items in the game.
  • Role of Normal Socketed Gear and Importance in Creating Runewords: Normal gear, particularly items with sockets, plays a crucial role in creating powerful combinations called Runewords. Runewords are created by inserting specific combinations of Runes into socketed items to unlock powerful bonuses and abilities. Normal gear with sockets, such as chest armor, helms, weapons, and shields, is a foundation for creating these potent combinations.

The number of sockets in a Normal item determines how many Runes can be inserted, and the type of item determines the available Runewords. Players must collect and identify Normal socketed gear, as they provide the necessary base items for creating Runewords. These Runewords can greatly enhance a player’s character, granting unique abilities, increased damage, and resistance.

In essence, while Normal quality items lack magical properties on their own, their role as base items for Runewords makes them valuable and integral to character progression in Diablo II: Resurrected. Players should keep an eye out for Normal gear with sockets as they journey through the game, as they offer the potential for unlocking powerful combinations that can greatly enhance their character’s strength and abilities.

Magic Rarity Gear – Blue

  • Properties of Magic Items: Magic items in Diablo II: Resurrected have random magical properties that provide additional bonuses or unique effects. These properties can significantly enhance a character’s attributes and gameplay capabilities. Magic items have a blue name color, distinguishing them from Normal items.
  • Random Magic Properties and Effect on Gameplay: Magic items can possess 1-2 random magical properties. These properties can include increased attributes, resistances, elemental damage, additional damage to specific monster types, faster attack speed, increased chance of finding magical items, and many more. The properties are randomly generated, making each Magic item unique.
    • The random magic properties on these items can significantly impact gameplay by enhancing a character’s offensive and defensive capabilities, enabling them to deal more damage, resist certain types of attacks, move faster, or find more valuable loot. Magic items are an essential intermediary between Normal and Rare/Set/Unique gear, providing players additional power and versatility in their builds.
  • Identification Process for Magic Gear: When players find a Magic item, it is initially unidentified, represented by a generic item icon and a blue name color. To reveal the magical properties of a Magic item and learn its specific bonuses, players need to undergo the identification process.
Identification MethodDescription
Using an Identify ScrollPlayers can use an Identify Scroll from their inventory on a Magic item. Right-clicking the Identify Scroll and then left-clicking the Magic item will instantly reveal its magical properties.
Using the Identify SkillSome classes, such as the Paladin and the Sorceress, have access to the Identify skill. This skill allows them to identify an item without the need for an Identify Scroll. By assigning the skill to a hotkey, players can simply use it on the Magic item to identify it.
Visiting Deckard CainPlayers can bring unidentified items to Deckard Cain, an NPC found in Act I of the game. Cain provides the identification service, allowing players to identify their Magic items. Interacting with Cain will reveal the magical properties of the item.
Using Items with Auto IdentifyCertain items and equipment, such as the “Lidless Wall” shield or the “Harlequin Crest” unique helmet, come with the Auto Identify feature. Equipping these items in the character’s inventory will automatically identify Magic items when they are picked up.

Rare Gear – Yellow

Rare gear in Diablo II: Resurrected is considered a more advanced form of magical gear

  • Increased Number of Magic Properties and Unique Names: Rare items can potentially possess 3-6 random magical properties. These properties can include enhancements such as increased attributes, resistances, elemental damage, special modifiers, and more. The increased number of properties makes Rare gear highly desirable, providing more opportunities to customize and improve a character’s build.
    • Additionally, Rare items have unique names that are generated based on the magical properties they possess. This adds a sense of exclusivity and individuality to Rare gear, making them stand out from other types of equipment in terms of both appearance and functionality.
  • Limitations of Rare Gear with Runewords: While Rare Gear offers many magical properties, they have limitations when it comes to Runewords. Runewords are potent combinations of specific runes socketed into appropriate item types, granting powerful bonuses and unique abilities. However, Rare items cannot be part of a Runeword. This restricts the potential combinations and synergies available for Rare gear, as Runewords are often sought after for their unique affixes and unparalleled benefits.

Set Gear – Green

Set gear in Diablo II: Resurrected refers to a special category of equipment that comes as a pre-defined set, typically consisting of several pieces such as armor, weapons, and accessories. Each Set gear is thematically connected and offers unique bonuses when multiple pieces of the same set are equipped together.

  • Benefits of Collecting Multiple Set Gear Pieces: The primary use of collecting and equipping multiple Set gear pieces is that it unlocks special set bonuses. These bonuses are usually incremental, meaning that the more pieces from a particular set you equip, the more powerful the bonuses become. Set bonuses can substantially boost a character’s abilities, stats, and resistances or even grant unique skills. By focusing on collecting and utilizing Set gear, players can shape their character’s playstyle and enhance their effectiveness in combat.
  • Unique Properties and Socketing Options: Set gear possesses a few notable characteristics that set it apart from other types of equipment. Firstly, Set gear has predetermined affixes and can sometimes roll with additional randomized magical properties. This means that the gear already comes with specific attributes that make it distinct from other items in the game.
    • Moreover, some Set gear pieces have sockets that allow players to customize further and augment their equipment. Sockets offer the opportunity to insert gems, runes, or jewels, granting additional bonuses and enhancing the gear’s effectiveness. This feature provides players with even more flexibility and customization options, allowing them to fine-tune their gear to fit their needs and playstyle.

Unique Gear – Gold

Unique gear in Diablo II: Resurrected is a highly sought-after category of equipment that possesses fixed modifiers and offers unique and powerful bonuses to the character. Unlike Magic or Rare gear, Unique items have set properties that do not change from item to item

  • Fixed Modifiers and Impact on Gameplay: Unique gear has a predefined set of modifiers that remain consistent across all items of the same name. These modifiers can significantly impact gameplay and character performance. Unique items may offer increased damage, enhanced defense, improved attributes, resistances, or unique modifiers that grant special skills or abilities.
    • The fixed modifiers of Unique gear make them reliable and consistent choices for players. It allows for more precise planning and build optimization, as players can count on the specific benefits provided by a particular Unique item.
  • Rarity and Desirability: Unique gear is rare and highly desirable in Diablo II: Resurrected. Their fixed properties and unique bonuses make them powerful additions to a character’s equipment. Due to their fixed nature, Unique items are often designed to provide distinct advantages or offer unique gameplay mechanics that cannot be found elsewhere.

Obtaining Unique items can be challenging as they have lower drop rates than Magic or Rare gear. This rarity makes them valuable commodities in trading markets and sought after by players looking to enhance their characters and optimize their builds.

Unique gear is also highly desirable among players due to their iconic designs and lore. Many Unique items have their own stories and are associated with memorable characters from the game’s lore, adding an extra layer of excitement and intrigue when finding and equipping them.


In conclusion, understanding item rarity in Diablo II: Resurrected is crucial for optimizing builds, customizing gear, tackling challenging content, and engaging in the trading economy. Exploring different rarity levels allows players to enhance their gameplay experience by utilizing each level’s unique properties and bonuses.

By accessing community resources and engaging with fellow players, you can further deepen your knowledge and expertise in navigating the intricacies of item rarity and build optimization. So, dive into the world of Diablo II: Resurrected, explore the depths of item rarity, and unleash the full potential of your character. Good luck, and may your adventures be legendary!