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100% Piscarilius Favour Guide (OSRS)

Get ready to set sail on a thrilling journey in the Old School Runescape world as Theoatrix brings you an all-inclusive guide on seamlessly securing a 100% Piscarilius House Favour!

This insightful guide offers step-by-step instructions on unlocking rewards like catching Anglerfish, training Thieving through artifact stealing, purchasing Raw Fish from Franky’s Fishing Emporium, and getting access to the Small Food Shop. Whether you’re an accomplished player or a novice, the guide holds a wealth of knowledge with different strategies to enhance favor, such as fixing Cranes, collecting Fish, hunting Sandworms, and stealing artifacts.

This adventure in Piscarilius House is a rich source of excitement and can boost your crafting, hunting, fishing, and thieving skills. So, gear up with your most potent items, get into the game, and achieve your 100% Piscarilius Favour!

Benefits of Gaining Piscarilius Favour

Navigating the world of Old School Runescape (OSRS), you’ve likely heard of the benefits of gaining Piscarilius Favour. While the journey requires effort, the rewards are highly beneficial and well worth it, enhancing your gaming experience immensely.

Reward at 100% Favour: Catch Anglerfish

You’re in for a real treat once you run the gauntlet and reach 100% Favour. This opens you up to the ability to catch Anglerfish. These are valuable and can provide a great stream of in-game income and serve as excellent resources for high-level healing food.

Reward at 75% Favour: Train Thieving by Stealing Artifacts

Three-quarters of the way there, at 75% Favour, you get an opportunity to sharpen your thieving skills by stealing artifacts. Plus, it’s another fun way to mix up your gaming experience.

Reward at 30% Favour: Access to Raw Fish

Reaching 30% Favour is a milestone for anyone, especially if you are an Ironman. Access to Franky’s Fishing Emporium means that you have a reliable source of raw fish, assisting in preparations for combat or other predicaments where health restoration is necessary.

Reward at 20% Favour: Access to the Small Food Shop

As soon as you hit 20% favor, you unlock the ability to access the Small Food Shop. This provides a crucial source for quickly and easily stocking up on cooking supplies.

Access to catching Anglerfish, a great AFK money maker.Obtaining favour can be more time-consuming compared to other houses.
Ability to train Thieving through stealing Artifacts for XP at 75% favour.Rewards may not be as appealing as those from other houses.
Ability to buy raw fish from Franky’s Fishing Emporium, helpful for Ironmen stocking up on cooking supplies.Some of the stores or rewards, like the Small Food Shop, have limited uses.
Varied methods to earn favour, suitable for different skill levels and player preferences.Some methods to earn favour can be less efficient than alternatives in other houses.

Primary Methods for Gaining Favour

There are several routes to gaining Piscarilius Favour. These techniques adjust according to your skills, strategies, and gameplay.

Method 1: Fixing Cranes

A beginner’s first stop is at the cranes. No specific skill level is required, making this a great way to start accruing Favour. Fixing cranes earns you 0.5% per crane, gradually boosting your rank.

Method 2: Collecting Fish

Once you’ve accrued 15% favor, collecting fish becomes an option. Though it provides only 0.02% per fish, it’s a small yet consistent way to bolster your favor. Plus, the more fish you collect, the better you get at it and the quicker you can collect.

Method 3: Hunting Sandworms

Hunting sandworms becomes available once you reach 30% Favour, giving you a solid 0.2% per bucket. It’s a higher yield option than collecting fish, but it requires more skill and focus.

Method 4: Thieving Artifacts

You can start thieving artifacts at 75% favor as you approach the end goal. While it does provide slower favor rates compared to other activities, it also provides a steady influx of XP reward, which can be an enticing alternative.

Skill and Item Requirements for Gaining Favour

Your journey to 100% Piscarilius Favour requires specific skill levels and critical items.

Skill RequirementsItem Requirements
  • 30 Crafting (to repair cranes)
  • 15 Hunter (for Sandworms)
  • 15 Fishing (for collecting fish for Franky)
  • 49 Thieving (for the Thieving method)
  • 180 noted planks (varies if quests are done)
  • 1500 Steel or 1200 Mithril nails
  • Hammer
  • 1 Spade
  • Some coins (~50k)
  • Stamina potions (optional but helpful)
  • 1 Lockpick (if choosing the Thieving method)

Skill Requirements

Regarding skills, your avatar will require a minimum of 30 crafting, 15 hunting, 15 fishing, and 49 thieving. These skills will allow you to participate in all primary methods of gaining favor.

Item Requirements Depending on Quest Completion

The necessary items for increasing your Piscarilius Favour typically vary based on your quest completion status. However, everyday items needed include 180 noted planks, 1200-1500 Steel or Mithril nails, a hammer, and a lockpick if you plan on thieving artifacts.

Fastest Route to 100% Piscarilius Favour

If you’re keen to reach 100% Favour as fast as possible, here’s an optimal route to consider that doesn’t involve completing quests.

Utilization of Quest Rewards

Firstly, consider utilizing the rewards from completing the “Client of Kourend” and “Queen of the Thieves” quests. These will give your Piscarilius Favour a 20% and 10%, respectively, speeding along your progress.

Repairing Cranes to 30% Favour

Dive into repairing cranes until you reach 30% Favour. This relatively simple and straightforward task sets a solid foundation for your favorite journey.

Hunting Sandworms from 30% to 100% Favour

Finally, from 30% to 100% Favour, hunt sandworms. While this task requires more focus and skill than the others, it’s extremely efficient and yields satisfying results when done correctly.

Alternative Means for Gaining Favour

If the traditional route to raising your Piscarilius Favour doesn’t appeal, some alternative methods could spice up your gameplay.

Ironman Friendly Method: Collecting Fish

For those playing Ironman, collecting fish from 15% Favour is your go-to. This method allows you to boost your Favour while gathering crucial supplies.

Thieving Artifacts for XP and Favour

Thieving artifacts will be worth considering if your motive is maximizing experience and gaining favor. Starting at 75% Favour, you can slowly build up favor while accruing decent XP.

Summary of Gaining Piscarilius Favour

In summary, the fastest route to raising your Piscarilius Favour involves completing quests and a combination of repairing cranes and hunting sandworms. Alternatively, if quests aren’t your thing, you can also opt to repair cranes and hunt sandworms immediately. Collecting fish and stealing artifacts are viable alternate methods of increasing your Favour.