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Runescape 3 Mining Training Guide: Mastering the Pickaxe

Deep within the caverns of Gielinor, the clinking of steel against rock can be heard echoing through the tunnels. It’s the sound of miners hard at work, honing their skills and gathering valuable resources.

Mining is one of the most fundamental skills in Runescape 3, providing players access to the most sought-after materials. Through mining training, players can make a profit, achieve mastery over the pickaxe, and delve deeper into the game’s rich lore. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will take you through the best ways to train your mining skills and unearth the await treasures.

So grab your pickaxe, sharpen your focus, and get ready to discover the secrets hidden deep within the mines of Gielinor.

Mining Basics

The mining skill in Runescape 3 allows players to extract ores from mines scattered across the game world. It is an essential skill for acquiring valuable resources used in various crafting and Smithing activities. Mining involves players using a pickaxe to break down rocks and gather ores.

Mining Skill Mechanics

rs3 mining training basics

Players must first equip a pickaxe suitable for their mining level to start mining. The higher the mining level, the better the pickaxe they can use. Players can then locate a mining spot containing rocks and start mining. Interacting with a rock prompts the player to strike it with their pickaxe, which yields ores.

Mining rocks have different health levels, and each successful hit reduces the rock’s health until it’s depleted. Once depleted, the rock will respawn after a certain amount of time, allowing for continuous mining. Players can either manually click each rock or use the “rockertunities” feature, which automatically progresses through multiple rocks in a single click.

Types of Ores and Their Uses

Runescape 3 features various ores that players can mine, each with their own unique uses and values. Some common ores include:

  1. Copper and Tin: These low-level ores can be smelted together into Bronze bars, used in Smithing to create weapons and armor.
  2. Iron: Iron ores are used in Smithing to create a wide range of equipment, including weapons, armor, and tools.
  3. Coal: Coal is a versatile ore commonly used in Smithing, as well as for fueling furnaces and powering certain processes.
  4. Gold: Gold ore is primarily used in Smithing to create gold jewelry like rings, necklaces, and amulets.
  5. Mithril: Mithril ore is highly sought after for Smithing more advanced weapons and armor.
  6. Adamantite: Adamantite ore is one of the higher-level ores used to create powerful weapons and armor in Smithing.
  7. Runite: Runite ore is one of the game’s most valuable and sought-after ores. It is used to create high-level equipment.

Pickaxes Mining Tools

Pickaxes are the primary tools used in mining. They determine the rate at which rocks are mined and the types of ores that can be extracted. In Runescape 3, various pickaxes are available, each with different mining level requirements and mining speeds. Here are some commonly used pickaxes:

  1. Bronze Pickaxe: The lowest level pickaxe, requiring level 1 Mining.
  2. Dragon Pickaxe: The highest level pickaxe, requiring level 60 Mining. It provides the fastest mining speed.
  3. Crystal Pickaxe: A unique pickaxe that can be obtained from Prifddinas, requiring level 70 Mining. It has a chance to mine ore instantly and provides additional benefits.
  4. Augmented Pickaxe: A player can augment their pickaxe with Invention, allowing players to add perks and benefits to their pickaxe.

Having a higher-level pickaxe not only allows for faster mining but also unlocks new mining spots with higher-level ores.

Understanding the basics of mining, the various types of ores, and the available pickaxes is crucial for players looking to make progress in the mining skill in Runescape 3. With this knowledge, players can efficiently gather resources and engage in various crafting and Smithing activities.

Pickaxe NamePickaxe LevelAverage Damage Done
Bronze Pickaxe11
Iron Pickaxe105
Steel Pickaxe2010
Black Pickaxe2512
Mithril Pickaxe3020
Adamant Pickaxe4030
Rune Pickaxe5040
Dragon Pickaxe6050
Inferno Adze6151
Crystal Pickaxe7060
Pickaxe of Earth and Song7261.5
Imcando Pickaxe8070
Augmented Pickaxe2-99Varies depending on perks

Training Methods

  1. Power Mining: This method involves continuously mining rocks without banking the ores. It is best suited for players who want to focus solely on gaining experience rather than collecting valuable ores.
  2. Banking Ores: In this method, players mine rocks and bank the ores for later use or sale. This allows for both experience gain and the accumulation of valuable resources.
  3. Mining Seren Stones: Seren Stones, located in Prifddinas, offers high experience rates for players with level 89 Mining or higher. Mining Seren Stones can be an efficient training method for those at the appropriate level.
  4. Lava Flow Mining: At level 68 Mining, players can access the Lava Flow Mine in Keldagrim. This method provides some of the best mining experience rates in the game.

Progressing Effectively through Mining Levels

Start by mining lower-level ores like copper and tin until reaching level 20. Then move on to mine iron, which offers improved experience rates. As you progress, consider mining higher-level ores such as mithril, adamantite, and runite. Set goals for each milestone level and aim to achieve them through consistent mining.

Mining Spots and Rock Availability

Mining spots can be found throughout the game world. Some areas, like the Mining Guild and Motherlode Mine, offer concentrated rocks, which contain multiple ores per rock. Keep an eye out for mining spots with higher-level ores, but be aware that these spots may be more competitive and prone to player competition.

Rock availability varies based on the number of players mining in a particular area. It is recommended to explore different mining spots and worlds to find less crowded areas for efficient mining.

Tips and Tricks for Efficient Mining Training

  1. Upgrade your pickaxe: As you level up, upgrade your pickaxe to access higher-level ores and increase mining speed.
  2. Use mining urns: Mining urns can be filled while mining and provide additional experience when they are teleported away. Use them to maximize your mining gains.
  3. Use mining boosts: Some items and bonuses can boost your mining level temporarily, allowing you to mine higher-level rocks earlier.
  4. Practice 3-tick mining: Advanced players can try 3-tick mining, which involves performing additional actions during the mining process to increase experience rates.
  5. Complete mining-related quests: Several quests offer mining experience rewards. Completing these quests can provide a significant boost in experience.

Remember to take breaks, stay hydrated, and maintain a healthy gaming routine while training your mining skill. Enjoy the process and strive for steady progress!

By utilizing various training methods, following effective progression strategies, understanding mining spots and rock availability, and implementing efficiency tips, you can maximize your mining training experience in Runescape 3.

Advanced Mining Techniques

rs3 mining training advanced

Advanced mining techniques focus on improving efficiency and maximizing mining gains. These techniques utilize various skills, items, and activities to enhance the mining training experience.

  1. Perfect Swing Mining: Perfect Swing Mining involves timing your swings to maximize the number of successful hits on a rock. By releasing your click just before the swing animation completes, you can initiate the next swing faster, potentially increasing your mining speed.
  2. 3-Tick Mining: 3-Tick Mining is an advanced technique that involves performing additional actions during the mining process to achieve faster experience rates. By combining mining with other actions like dropping or using items, players can reduce the time it takes to mine each rock, resulting in increased experience gains.
  3. Double XP Weekends and Bonus Experience: During special events like Double XP Weekends or by using Bonus Experience, players can gain additional experience while training their mining skill. Utilize these events to maximize your mining training by gaining extra experience for every action performed.

Skills and Items to Enhance Mining Training

Several skills and items can be utilized to enhance mining training and improve efficiency:

  1. Agility: Higher Agility levels allow players to access shortcuts, reducing travel time between mining spots and banks. This can save valuable time during training sessions.
  2. Dungeoneering: With a higher Dungeoneering level, players can unlock the Dungeoneering reward, the “Sawmill” perk. This perk allows players to convert logs into planks without a sawmill, saving inventory space and reducing the need for banking during training.
  3. Invention: Invention allows players to augment their pickaxes, adding perks and benefits that enhance mining training. Augmented pickaxes can have special effects like increased experience gain, chance to mine double ores, or additional damage to rocks.
  4. Mining Gloves and Varrock Armor: Mining Gloves, earned through the Fist of Guthix minigame, and Varrock Armor, obtained by completing Varrock Achievement Diary tasks, provide various benefits like increased mining experience, increased chance to mine double ores, and increased chance to receive the ore’s “rockertunity.”

Special Mining Activities

  1. Seren Stones: Located in the city of Prifddinas, Seren Stones offer high experience rates for players with level 89 Mining or higher. By mining these stones, players can receive corrupted ore, which can be smelted into bars and used to create high-level equipment.
  2. Lava Flow Mining: At level 68 Mining, players can access the Lava Flow Mine in Keldagrim. This activity provides some of the best mining experience rates in the game. Players can mine golden lava rocks to obtain golden nuggets, which can be exchanged for mining experience, mining-related equipment, and other rewards.

By utilizing advanced mining techniques, leveraging skills and items that enhance mining training, and participating in special mining activities like Seren Stones and Lava Flow Mining, players can significantly improve their mining efficiency and progress more effectively in the mining skill in Runescape 3.