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Top 5 GTA Mods Fans Must Try!

There are bleak chances that you might not have heard about the GTA games while growing up. It has been a part of every household and every child’s computer back then. Now, everyone knows the goodness of GTA V. So much so that you barely need to use any mods for the same. 

But this isn’t true for each situation. Mods’ primary purpose is to help freshen up things to improve the gameplay. The developers have released countless mods that promise to render a better gaming experience and focus on changing some core aspects of the game. The result of such changes was that the gamer experience was different and entirely new! 

So, does it matter what mod is being used by the players for these specific purposes only?

Absolutely not! 

They can be used for whatever reason, but it is hard to deny that they help add a new tinge to the game, which remains untapped if these mods are not in the right place. So, if you are an avid GTA player or have been one and are trying to make a comeback, here are some top GTA mods that are worth it! 

The Two-Player Mod

gta v mod back to the future

Imagine a scenario where you want to play this game with more players. How can you make this possible?

Well, this mod will help you do it. The two-player mod is a self-explanatory term that enables you to add the multi-player feature to your game. You will add four more players to play on your device when you use this mod. 

What is the best part of this mod?

You need not have a separate internet connection to play with other players that you have added to the game with the help of this mod. Here is a tip for you. 

You can add more USB devices to your personal computer that will help you control the newly added characters. Now, all you have to do is enjoy all the fun time of split-screen gaming with your friends. 

The Extended Camera Setting 

The players may think the game’s base camera lacks many options. So, here’s what can be done. 

You can use the extended camera settings mod. Here is a little surprise for you while using this mod. You will learn that your favorite game is packed with various camera settings, but sadly, you can’t access them. The mod ends up adding additional options to the camera settings that belong to the game. The players can enjoy access to all those embedded default features. You should try it if you can do it without the mod. You will find yourself locked out of using them. 

The Satellite View Map

gta v mod satellite view map

Are you bored with the plain map view you get while playing the game?

You should not do any more delay using this fantastic mod. It is all set to sweep you off your feet with the results that are in the store. When you apply this mod, you will see that it changes the primary map view to access it while on the pause screen. It will help in displaying the HD satellite image of the map instead. Now that’s nothing less than an asset while playing the game. 

The San Andreas map will look boring after you have played the game, and that’s true for various players who have played the game. You will love the new map when you give this mod a shot. 

Let’s discuss the verbal representation of the map. It will be a fully colored and carved map that appears on the screen whenever you will open it the next time. Also, if you are looking for a source that can help you better understand how the map should look, this is the one. It will help to provide every detail you want, focusing on various parts of the map. If you’re going to explore these areas, you can visit them on the map instead of during the game. 

The Clean N’ Natural Mod

Another one coming your way is this mod. Did you know that the original idea of creating this one was to add better reflections to all the vehicles used across the game?

It should help take easier screenshots and improve the quality for both modders and photographers. The mod completely changes the interaction of light with particular game objects. So, when you use this mod and play the game, you will see that the cars will be more realistic, and you will enjoy playing the game. The overall experience will be excellent. 

When you combine the mod with some of the other car mods that you know of from the earlier play sessions, you will see that there will be an overhaul of the entire road experience. That’s what the game is acclaimed for! 

The Gore Or Dismemberment Mod

gta mod gore dismemberment mod

As an avid game player, you might think that something is missing in the game. 

What is that something?

The absolute gore comes down with mowing down people and destroying their body parts like the heads and limbs with the help of shotguns. You can also use other pieces of heavy weaponry based on what you want to go for. 

When you use this mod, you will see that there will be changes in the working of the gore system. The results will be a game-changer; you will love what this mod brings. 

However, you should note that this is a violent graphic mod. Hence, take this as a note and install it only if you want to go about it. You should think twice and take the step if you are confident. 


There are other GTA mods apart from the ones mentioned over here. The players have numerous options and can have difficulty deciding about the know-how, the starting point, and the ending point to have fun while gaming. So you can explore the different kinds of mod options and further, see what you want to go for.


What are GTA mods?

Modifications made by players and developers to enhance the GTA game series.

Are mods legal for GTA games?

Mods are tolerated for single-player mode but not supported for multiplayer or online play.

How do I install mods for GTA games?

Download mods from trusted sources, use modding tools if required, and replace game files with modded ones.

What are some popular GTA mods?

FiveM, LSPDFR, Redux, Vice City: Remastered, GTA: San Andreas HD Remastered.

Are mods available for consoles?

Officially, mods are only available for PC versions of GTA games.

Are there any risks associated with using mods?

Potential risks include compatibility issues, performance problems, and the risk of malware from untrustworthy sources. Using mods in online modes can result in a ban.