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Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 2 Walkthrough

Act 2 begins at the town of Lut Gholein, which is also your new base. Before you head out to progress further, it’s recommended that you speak to the NPC named Griez, who is located in the right-hand corner of the town. He sells mercenaries that are worth upgrading from the one you picked during act 1. Desert mercenaries are melee-based characters, and they deal good damage so you can use them as a tank. They also have Paladin Auras to assist you in staying alive.

Generally, it’s suggested that you try to max out your resistances to match your current abilities as there are several enemies that you’ll encounter in act 2, who can deal immense damage to your character for d2 quests. Besides that, use what you have and don’t worry too much since it’s your first time.

Unleash the power of the sands in Diablo 2 Resurrected Act 2- Journey through the desert, master the dark arts, and embrace your destiny.

Radament’s Lair (Quest #1)


You’ll notice a closed door next to Griez. Click on it to open the entrance to the sewers of Lut Gholein, for diablo 2 act 2 quests. Head down to begin the quest (you can also speak to Anya in town to start). There are a total of three levels with the boss named Radament on the final one. The best suggestion is to hug the outside walls and follow them until you locate the staircase that leads down. Clear whatever is an encounter on your path and make your way to the last level, for diablo 2 act 2 quests.

When you’re there, drive Ramament’s minions away from him to thin out the air, and once the boss is manageable, you can take him down. It’s worth noting that he’s powerful even without his minions, so be careful. Pick up the scroll he drops and open the golden chest to receive another. These scrolls offer skill points.

The Horadric Staff (Quest #2) – Part 1


In this quest, you need to locate three different D2R items scattered across the map. First, go to the Rocky Wastelands that are beyond Lut Gholein’s gate. Make your way through the horde of monsters to reach the Dry Hills, for d2r act 2 quests. Stick to the edges until you locate a pass in the rocks that leads to the next location.

As you wander around, you’ll need to look for both the area’s waypoints, as well as the entrance to the Halls of the Dead. Head into the dungeon and start searching while defeating various dreadful mobs, for d2r act 2 quests. At the third level, you’ll encounter the mini-boss called Bloodwitch the Wild. Deal with her and open the chest to retrieve the Horadric Cube. It’s an important item that offers additional inventory space, and it also lets you transmute various items through recipes.

The Horadric Staff (Quest #2) – Part 2


Once you have the cube, keep exploring until you find the entrance to the Far Oasis. Also, look for the area’s waypoint before heading to the Maggot Lair. You’ll encounter Death Beetles, Swarms, and Sand Maggots here, so watch out for them for d2 quests. Follow the right-hand path when you enter the lair, switch to the 2nd floor, followed by the 3rd. Upon reaching, you’ll come across Coldworm the Burrower, the area’s boss. Defeat her and pick up the Staff of Kings drop.

The Horadric Staff (Quest #2) – Part 3 + The Tainted Sun (Quest #3)


Continue searching the outskirts of the map to locate the Lost City’s path. Once you enter, the entire area will go dark with a minimal light radius from the incoming enemy mobs. You can head back and speak to the NPC named Drognan to know what’s happening. Explore the Lost City to find a path that leads to the Valley of Snakes, also known as the home to the Claw Viper Temple. You’ll encounter Mummies and Skeletons within the temple alongside a new monster class called Claw Viper.

On the second floor of the Claw Viper Temple, you’ll come across the mini-boss named Fangskin. Bait his minions away from him before engaging him, and once he’s defeated, pick up the Viper Amulet drop. Add the items into the Horadric Cube to transmute the items into the Horadric Staff. Finally, head back and speak to Drognan and Cain to finish both the quests.

The Arcane Sanctuary (Quest #4) + The Summoner (Quest #5)


Enter the palace behind Jerhyrn, and before you head down to the Arcane Sanctuary, you need to go through the Palace Cellar. You’ll encounter Skeletal Archers, Blunderbores, Invaders, and Dune Beasts here. Near the portal, you’ll run into a mini-boss called Fire Eye, so keep your health pool full.

Once you’re in the sanctuary, pick up the waypoint, and head to the Summoner’s location, which is split into four directions (random). You’ll encounter Hell Clan Goatmen, Ghoul Lords, and Spectres here. When you’re finally there, get ready for a fight. Defeat the Summoner and click the pedestal to get the true symbol for Tal Rasha’s Tomb.

The Seven Tombs (Quest #6)


You can start this quest by speaking to Jerhyn. You need to head through the red portal at the Summoner’s lair to reach the Canyon of Magi. Look at your Quest Log to know which Tomb Symbol is the right one because there are seven temples in the area.

You’ll find Tal Rasha’s Chamber within the correct temple, which can only be opened with the help of the Horadric Staff. You need to prepare for a fight against Act 2’s boss Duriel, who is fast and robust. Once he’s defeated, you can head to the back of the area and speak to Tyrael. After that, head back to the town, speak to Jehryn, followed by Meschif to reach the Kurast Docks (Act 3).

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Good luck, adventurer, and may the light guide your path!