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Ultimate OSRS Kudos Guide: Earn Kudos Efficiently

The Kudos system is vital to the development and exploration of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Kudos, which indicate a player’s knowledge and expertise in numerous subjects, are used to gauge their achievements and reputation inside the game. Players can get access to rare locations, start new quests, and receive special rewards by accumulating kudos.

In this extensive tutorial, I’ll cover all there is to know about kudos in OSRS, including the best strategies for gaining them. This tutorial will provide you with the information and tactics you need to unlock the full potential of kudos in OSRS, whether you’re a new player curious about the advantages of high kudos or a seasoned RuneScape veteran eager to increase your exploration potential. Start off on this path to renown and unlock rare opportunities in Old School RuneScape.

How to Get All Kudos in OSRS

There are several ways to collect kudos in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). These methods provide players with different opportunities to earn kudos points and enhance their gameplay experience. Here are all the ways kudos can be collected:

  1. Varrock Museum Tasks
  2. Natural History Quiz
  3. Fossil Exhibits
  4. Quests
  5. Bone Voyage
  6. Kudos Rewards Table

Varrock Museum Tasks

  • Cleaning Finds: Players can help by cleaning various artifacts and fossils found during excavation activities, contributing to the display of historical items in the museum.
  • Restoring Display Cases: By assisting the museum staff in repairing and restoring damaged display cases, players help showcase valuable artifacts and earn kudos points.
  • Identifying Finds: Players can assist in identifying unidentified objects and fossils, furthering the museum’s knowledge and earning kudos points for their contributions.
  • Assisting Historians: The museum’s historians may have special research projects or tasks that players can undertake, aiding in the understanding and preserving Varrock’s history.
  • Donation Rewards: Players have the option to donate completed sets of certain artifacts, such as pottery and jewelry, to the museum. In return, they receive various rewards, including specific experience lamps or kudos points.
  • Quests and mini-quests: Completing quests like “The Dig Site” and the mini-quest “The Varrock Museum” involves helping the museum staff with specific tasks and grants players kudos points.
  • Access to Upper Floors: Earning a certain number of kudos points grants players access to the upper floors of the museum, where they can view more intricate displays and gain further insights into Varrock’s past.
  • Museum Displays: Players can unlock and build displays in their player-owned houses to showcase various historical and archaeological items, providing a sense of pride and accomplishment.

These activities and tasks related to the Varrock Museum immerse players in the lore and history of Gielinor but also offer opportunities to gain valuable kudos points, experience lamps, and unique rewards. Engaging with the museum and its staff allows players to contribute to preserving and understanding Varrock’s rich heritage.

Natural History Quiz

  • Location: The Natural History Quiz is located in the Varrock Museum basement, near the Special Collections storage area.
  • Kudos Points: The Natural History Quiz awards players 28 kudos points upon completion, making it a valuable activity for players looking to earn kudos.
  • Quiz Format: The quiz consists of multiple-choice questions about various creatures and objects throughout Gielinor. Players must select the correct answer from the given options.
  • Question Categories: The quiz covers different categories such as birds, insects, mammals, fish, and plants. Each category contains a set of questions to test the player’s knowledge in those specific areas.
  • Question Difficulty: The questions range in difficulty, with some being relatively easy and others requiring more in-depth knowledge of the game’s creatures.
  • Rewards: Completing the Natural History Quiz successfully grants players 28 kudos points, which can be used to unlock additional rewards and areas in the Varrock Museum.
  • Preparing for the Quiz: Players can prepare for the quiz by studying the displays and exhibits in the Varrock Museum. Paying attention to the various creatures and objects showcased throughout the museum can help answer the quiz questions correctly.
  • Multiple Attempts: If players fail to answer a question correctly, they can try again immediately, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and improve their knowledge.
  • Increasing Kudos: The Natural History Quiz is just one of the activities that can contribute to earning kudos points in the Varrock Museum. Completing other quests and tasks related to archaeology and history can also boost a player’s kudos count.

Participating in the Natural History Quiz is an engaging way for players to test their knowledge of the creatures and objects found in Old School RuneScape. By successfully completing the quiz, players earn kudos points and demonstrate their expertise in the natural history of Gielinor.

Fossil Exhibits

  • Location: The Fossil Exhibits are located on the ground floor of the Varrock Museum, in the northern part of the main hall.
  • Displayed Fossils: The Fossil Exhibits showcase various prehistoric creatures and artifacts found during the Dig Site excavation activity. These fossils allow players to learn about the ancient history of Gielinor.
  • Fossil Types: The exhibits feature a variety of fossil types, including ammonites, trilobites, ancient plants, and extinct creatures like dinosaurs and plesiosaurs. Each fossil represents a different era or period in Gielinor’s history.
  • Learning Opportunities: The Fossil Exhibits provide an educational experience for players by providing detailed information about each fossil’s history, including its scientific name, estimated age, and its ecological role in the past.
  • Varied Displays: The exhibits are thoughtfully designed to showcase the wide range of fossils discovered in Gielinor. The displays include dioramas with reconstructed scenes from the creatures’ habitats, making them visually appealing and informative.
  • Kudos Points: Interacting with the Fossil Exhibits is integral to the Fossil Island Museum activity. It allows players to clean and examine fossils to earn kudos points, contributing to the museum’s completion and unlocking access to further areas.
  • Player Interaction: Players can actively participate in excavation by collecting fossils, cleaning them, and placing them in the appropriate displays. This interactive approach gives players a sense of involvement in the museum’s development.
  • Historical Significance: The Fossil Exhibits play a crucial role in unraveling the history and evolution of the creatures that once inhabited Gielinor, providing insights into the ancient past.
  • Lore and Storyline: Exploring the Fossil Exhibits and learning more about the fossils ties into the broader lore and quests in Old School RuneScape. It deepens the understanding of Gielinor’s diverse ecosystems and how they have changed.

Visiting the Fossil Exhibits in the Varrock Museum offers players an engaging way to learn about the prehistoric creatures and artifacts found in Gielinor. By interacting with the exhibits, players contribute to the museum’s development and uncover fascinating details about the ancient history of the game world.


Here is a table showing all the quests that award kudos points in Old School RuneScape, categorized into free-to-play (F2P) and member-only (P2P) quests:

Quest NameKudos PointsMembership Type
Dragon Slayer2F2P
Shield of Arrav2F2P
The Knight’s Sword1F2P
Romeo & Juliet1F2P
Imp Catcher1F2P
Misthalin Mystery1F2P
Sheep Shearer1F2P
Cook’s Assistant1F2P
Doric’s Quest1F2P
Ernest the Chicken1F2P
Goblin Diplomacy1F2P
Pirate’s Treasure2F2P
Prince Ali Rescue3F2P
Rune Mysteries1F2P
Sheep Herder4F2P
The Restless Ghost1F2P
Witch’s Potion1F2P
The Dig Site2P2P
The Varrock Museum2P2P
Bone Voyage2P2P
The Forsaken Tower1P2P
The Giant Dwarf2P2P
Making Friends with My Arm1P2P
Making History1P2P

Bone Voyage

  • Quest Introduction: The Bone Voyage quest is introduced when players speak to a curious little girl named Odd Mushroom in the Mushroom Village on the Fossil Island.
  • Quest Requirements: Before starting the Bone Voyage quest, players must have completed the priest in peril quest and have at least 100 kudos in the Varrock Museum. They also need to have ancient magicks. The quest has no skill requirements.
  • Quest Objectives: The Bone Voyage quest sends players on a mission to renovate a recently discovered museum on the Fossil Island. To do so, they must collect resources and recruit workers to restore the ruins to their former glory.
  • Resource Collection: To collect resources, players must travel across Fossil Island and find different sites to gather museum artifacts, fossils, and minerals.
  • Worker Management: Players must recruit workers for the museum team, which they can find from the villagers in the Mushroom Forest. Players must manage their workers effectively and assign tasks based on their abilities.
  • Island Exploration: The Bone Voyage quest involves extensive exploration of Fossil Island, offering players a chance to encounter new creatures and locations and learn more about its history and ecology.
  • Varied Tasks: The Bone Voyage quest requires players to complete various tasks, such as excavating fossils, crafting display cases, and clearing obstacles.
  • Quest Rewards: Completing the Bone Voyage quest rewards players with access to new museum displays and additional kudos points. It also allows players to access the island’s Volcanic Mine mini-game.
  • Player Significance: The Bone Voyage quest allows players to contribute to the development of the museum and help bring Fossil Island’s history back to life. It also furthers the player’s knowledge of the island’s lore and significance in the game world.

Kudos Rewards Table

Kudos PointsRewards
0Access to the ground floor of the Varrock Museum
25Access to the upper floor of the Varrock Museum
30Antique Lamp that provides 2,500 experience points in a skill of your choice
50Access to the basement floor of the Varrock Museum, fossil island, and the Museum Camp (which includes a bank, spinning wheel, and net trap)
75Large Antique Lamp that provides 7,500 experience points in a skill of your choice
100Medium Kudos Display in player-owned house
125Access to the Ancient Guthix Temple
150Small Kudos Display in player-owned house
175Guthixian Balm
200Access to the Digsite Pendant teleport to the Exam Centre and the Varrock Museum, improved fossil cleaning tools at the Museum Camp, and the ability to trade unidentified fossils with the Museum Camp’s manager
225Large Kudos Display in player-owned house
250Museum Tablet (can teleport to any location unlocked from Varrock Museum display cases)